Welcome to No Trump!

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All your No Trump needs in one place.

There are other anti-Trump sites, but we focus entirely on building the record of why he is unfit to lead this country and on creating an archive for people to consult as time goes on.

Our organizing principles are: “No Trump, No Trump in ’17, Never Trump, and nothing else” and “Don’t mourn, learn!”


We believe that making nice to a master manipulator is counterproductive. Every sign of normal political process gives him cover. A bully learns to respect others not from their submission but from their resistance.

This is not business as usual. This is not about “we’re all Americans” or “national unity.” Americans should not give Trump cover by using such slogans when he’s in the room. Americans need to be wary and alert for the next 4 years.

Trump has antagonized and in some cases terrorized vast segments of US population.

Has anyone forgotten the verbal warfare between him and public officials, Democratic and Republican alike? Can you imagine what will happen when he tries his ostensibly successful campaign techniques on foreign leaders?

We offer materials to bolster the argument against normalizing relations between him and a worried electorate and their elected legislators. And between him and a worried world.

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