Why wasn’t there fake anti-Trump news?

Fake News Writer Feels Guilty for Helping Put Trump in White House” tells all about those phony stories that have been circulating to promote Trump, in a class with the “War on Christmas” or “Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction.”

In 2004, someone put around forged documents purporting to show that as an Air National Guard pilot in the Viet Nam era, George Bush performed badly in the reserve but that his commanding officer was pressured to evaluate him positively. Twelve years ago, “fake news” was not yet pervasive, and defenders of Bush piled on to expose the forgery.

Also in 2004, Democrats didn’t seem to grasp what was happening when fake news started going around impugning John Kerry’s service as a Swift Boat commander in VietNam and denying that he deserved the medals earned there (although the fact remains that, unlike George Bush, he did engage in combat action in Viet Nam).

Fast forward to 2016 and fake news is the dish of the day. So why weren’t fake stories circulating about Trump this year? Maybe Democrats just believe in real news? But Republican primary contenders could also have made up some fake news. Trump in fact was the chief purveyor of stories like Ted Cruz’s father being part of the JFK assassination plot.

The simple answer is, as people have been exclaiming all year: “Who could make this stuff up?” With so much real news showing Trump for what he is, why go to the trouble of making anything up about him?

So those mysterious Macedonian teenagers or whoever is inventing the mkost memorable faux news (in addition to Fox news and Brietbart.com, of course) has found it much more fun to wax creative about Hillary and Bill.

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