Lock him up

lock-him-up-notrump17-comSeriously? Already? Yes. Let us review the ways:

1. Treasonable collusion with a foreign government to subvert democratic process. Was Trump directly involved with the Russian hacking of emails associated with his opponent? Or only indirectly?

2. Fraud, in Trump University’s overt cheating of its victims, who were pushed from one worthless “program” to the next. The recent $25,000,000 settlement is a petty penalty for ruining people’s hopes and finances.

3. Slander against his political opponents, both R and D.

4. Income tax evasion. Maybe what he reported in income and tax due has been legal and maybe not. There surely is a reason he broke his promise that he would release his tax returns in the campaign.

5. Fraud at the Trump Foundation, apparently used to channel “contributions” of business associates who wanted to get on Trump’s good side, including one promoter’s lavish reward for Trump’s making a fluff video piece.

6. The Trump Foundation has also made an improper contribution to the Florida Attorney General, whose office was to take action on charges against Trump University and has also improperly used purchases for non-charitable purposes and has admitted transferring funds to a “disqualified person” and “self-dealing.”

7. It has become clear that far from separating his business and political careers, he intends to enrich his family and himself by connecting his Trump-branded operations and clients to his responsibilities as President.

What else? More to come, for sure!

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