5 Trump Abominations This Week

Really, how do you choose just five “abominations”? Maybe it will be five a week for, let’s see, about 1,000 weeks (if he stays in office that long?

At any rate, “5 Trump Abominations This Week” is the number chose by Janet Allon in AlterNet, December 17, 2016. Interestingly, the post falls in Alternet’s “Right Wing” category. Whatever Trump stands for, if anything other than self-aggrandizement, it’s more complicated than the traditional right wing / center / left wing analysis.

Trump no doubt thinks he is using the right wing for his own purposes… and vice versa. Of course he wants to placate Exxon Mobil and the Koch Brothers. No Obama-like pretense at “reaching out” to the likes of Robert Gates for the Trump cabinet. No pretense of making ordinary folks or people with non-corporate ideas feel represented in his inner circle.

So, with that overarching “abomination” in mind, let’s look at “just 5 of the low points in Trump world this week” (just the titles; see the article for details):

1. He just up and cancelled his big December 15 announcement about how he’ll divest from his businesses. (What does it matter what he says anyhow?)

2. He appointed a cabinet member with white supremacist ties and sympathies the same week that Dylann Roof was convicted of one of the most atrocious hate crimes in recent American history. (No, not Jeff Sessions, that was last month; this week it’s Ryan Zinke.)

3. He accused his own crowd of being “nasty, mean and vicious” as if it had nothing to do with anything he’s ever said. “Too late. All the violent hateful emotion is out of the (wind) bag.”

4. He dumbed down the Department of Energy by appointing the dumbest guy possible. (From nuclear weapons to everyday energy strategies: what could possibly go wrong?)

5. Got into ridiculous fight with Vanity Fair magazine, which he apparently lost. (If you can’t convince, distract.)

Trump, like any demagogue, is not just right wing or any wing. He doesn’t really have an ideology other than what serves him. Without Bernie, he probably would have been much more “left wing.” Despite his many handouts to the right wing, it’s going to turn out to be his power vs. their power.

And meanwhile the rest of us will be gathering our own strength in the name of representative democracy and economic justice, otherwise known as the American way of life.

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