Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda

The word “resistance” is cropping up a lot in the media and online, beginning with Keith Olbermann changing his GQ show to “The Resistance” the day after the election.

“Resistance” is a word with historical resonances. In France, “La Résistance” conducted armed resistance, grassroots propaganda, and sabotage against the Nazi occupiers and collaborationist Vichy government. The Résistance ultimately played a large role in the liberation of Paris in 1944.

Our country isn’t there yet, but the word does resonate, as in “Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda,” subtitled “Former congressional staffers reveal best practices for making Congress listen.”

You can download this 14-page treatise here.

The conclusion sums up our situation effectively:

“We wrote this guide because we believe that the coming years will see an unprecedented movement of Americans rising up across the country to protect our values and our neighbors. Our goal is to provide practical understanding of how your MoCs think, and how you can demonstrate to them the depth and power of the opposition to Donald Trump and Republican congressional overreach. This is not a panacea, nor is it intended to stand alone. We strongly urge you to marry the strategy in this guide with a broader commitment to creating a more just society, building local power, and addressing systemic injustice and racism.”

MoCs are Members of Congress. See particularly the handy charts of What Your MoC Cares About (p. 5; hint: MoCs do not care much about “Your thoughtful analysis of the proposed bill”) and Desired Outcome / Bad Outcome (p. 6; that’s from the MoC’s point of view; one Bad Outcome begins “Local newspaper reports that angry constituents…”)

The guide mostly advises us how to influence MoCs to reject the Trump agenda. Is that going to happen? Well, it can’t hurt to try. Whatever cuts, even marginally, into the Leader’s legitimacy, influence, and therefore power is to the good.

But here’s a scary thought: if we go the way of pre-Erdogan Turkey, our democracy will ultimately depend on the US military.

Will someone soon be writing “A Practical Guide for the US Military to Resist the Trump Agenda and save America”?

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