Trump retains “King of Whoppers” award has declared Donald Trump “King of Whoppers” for the second straight year. Read about this rare distinction in “The Whoppers of 2016.”

Some of Trump’s baseless claims (AKA lies) highlighted in the article are:

– Ted Cruz’s father met with JFK assassin Lee Oswald
– President Obama supports terrorists and founded ISIS
– The “real” US unemployment rate is 42% (as of 2/16)
– The US murder rate was the highest in 45 years in 2015

For our own thoughts on that last absurdity, see “Trump’s lies about violent crime: symbolic racism.”

For many more examples of Trump’s lies (or, if you prefer, his chronic inability to distinguish between truth and falsified social media lore), see

Obviously, a man with that inability is a clear and constant danger to our republic and its citizens… and to the world.

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