Thought for the day: The media

“For Trump to win, the media had to play into his hands. The press did not know what to do with a candidate who dwelled in his own parallel factual universe. The quest for balance gave equal play to Clinton’s relatively minor sins and Trump’s grotesqueries.”

from Robert Kuttner, “The Audacity of Hope,” American Prospect, 12/16/16.

Kutner’s subtitle is “Trump’s win was both a perfect storm and the culmination of long term trends. Can American fascism be stopped?”

After running through a long checklist of traits typifying fascists in power, Kuttner’s lengthy article concludes that we aren’t quite there yet.

But obviously the media play a large role in our future. Part of Trump’s talent has been to control the news, along with a little help from his foreign allies and American culture’s infatuation with outrageous behavior.

Now more than ever, an informed public is vital to our future.

But how to be informed? What to believe? How to know when a writer is genuinely pursuing the truth as well as it can be known or is lining his or her own pockets. When professionals are overtly for hire (including doctors by pharmaceutical companies, lawyers by torture justifiers, and journalists by political campaigns), how can the public decide what is true news or faux news?

The above quote is about “the press.” Can “the media” save us from “the press”? To be continued….

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