The Comey Effect / the Trump Effect

Sure, it sounds petty to blame other individuals for one individual’s loss. But, sometimes it’s important to put elections in that perspective.

“The Comey Effect” by Sam Wang at Princeton Election Consortium, 12/10/16, contains this instructive chart (with red added for drama by Kevin Drum in “How Did Trump Win? The FBI and the Russians,” Mother Jones, 12/12/16):


So now we’re waiting to see what Comey’s reward will be. Of course, no pay-off can restore his honor and integrity, but those don’t count so much in government any more, unfortunately. Comey previously seemed to be hoping to restore the FBI’s own reputation in the shadow of the J. Edgar Hoover period; we can forget about that for another generation now.

It’s all part of the Trump Effect: to deny the validity of the very government that he is supposed to lead, and ultimately to discredit the truths that democracy depends on.

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