Local psychiatrists’ book looks at Trump and narcissism

by Mark Barrett, Citizen-Times (Asheville NC), 10/4/16. [In answer to their question: for the rest of us, it’s very tempting to do our own analysis of this public figure with manifest character failings. More on the Narcissist theme soon. What is certain is that, in the Ayn Rand sense, there is no danger that the patient will ever be accused of altruism….]

Can a psychiatrist diagnose Donald Trump as a narcissist without ever having met him?

Not according to the ethical guidelines of the American Psychiatric Association. But surely authors and editors of “A Clear and Present Danger: Narcissism in the Era of Donald Trump” are making some sort of statement about Trump even though they deny violating the APA’s rule.

And, what about the rest of us?…

read more at Citizen-Times

Publishers of a book on Donald Trump and narcissism are distributing this sticker. (Photo: Courtesy Chiron Publications)

One thought on “Local psychiatrists’ book looks at Trump and narcissism

  1. Carolyn Meredith

    Really, all one has to do is research “narcissism”, look at his behavior, and the “diagnosis” is clear. How else could one define such behavior?



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