Resist and Ridicule

“5 Things You Can Do to Resist Trump Before Inauguration Day” is the title of a post by Ilana Novick, AlterNet, January 13, 2017. Summarizing those “5 things”:

1. Call your representatives.

2. Start your own organizing group, focusing on lobbying elected officials.

3. Join an existing group.

4. Attend a January 15th Day of Action rally to protect health care.

5. Support journalists and freedom of the press.

Those are all useful activities in the course of American democracy and many people do that sort of thing every day. But by being normal actions, they don’t begin to penetrate the depths of the Trump menace. All resisters have to keep ever-present in our minds:

1. Trump is a usurper. He won the most electoral votes by lying, bullying, insulting, and benefiting from dark money and secret foreign aid.

2. He is not America’s Mr. President. He is Mr. 46%. He does not represent the majority of Americans and he strikes fear into many good, law-abiding people.

3. He is sick and needs psychological treatment. No way should he have a hand in foreign policy or military strategy. He doesn’t know how to distinguish those from playground policy.

4. He is supported by the haters and he stirs them up constantly to keep hating. His supporters who are not haters will feel compelled soon to distinguish themselves from the haters.

5. He has no political thought or domestic policy. He is a seat-of-the pants spur-of-the-moment entertainer. We saw this in the campaign: whatever his audience wanted, he gave them. This is very very dangerous for a world leader.

So, No Trump 17 thinks, of course we need to keep engaging in the 5 and many more resistance activities listed in Alternet, always while stressing that this the White House occupant and his politics or hate and fear are not life as usual.

In many foreign countries, failed leaders are removed by military force. That is, fortunately, not what we do here. What brings down failed leaders here, more than anything else, is ridicule. Bill Clinton ultimately prevailed against the impeachment effort because whatever his failings, he seemed sincere, acted like a regular guy, and remained popular. He could be attacked but not ridiculed.

Richard Nixon became ridiculous with his “I am not a crook” defense, which ultimately couldn’t stand up to the “Would you buy a used car from this man?” campaign, which began in his 1960 loss to JFK and never went away. Hillary’s “damn emails” are in the same mold: they are absurdly insignificant and will never go away.

Trump, however, does not seem sincere, does not act like a regular guy, and is already losing popularity. He and his sycophantic insiders are ridiculous. If his supporters don’t realize it yet, we need to help them.

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