Trump vs. Scotland and nature: “You’ve Been Trumped”

from Wikipedia:

“You’ve Been Trumped” is a 2011 documentary by British filmmaker Anthony Baxter. The film documents the construction of a luxury golf course on a beach in Balmedie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, by developer Donald Trump, and the subsequent struggles between the locals and Donald Trump and Scottish legal and governmental authorities….

Trump got the national government to overrule local government (watch out for that one, Americans!) and not only encroached on a pristine environment but also destroyed many local residents’ homes and farms, including by intimidation, arresting film-makers, and invasion of others’ property.

Wikipedia reports there is also a sequel: “You’ve Been Trumped Too.”

Why do we care? So we can learn from history. The Trumps of the world would like to obliterate or rewrite history (as in: Orwell’s 1984 or Stalin’s Soviet Union)–just the way Trump developments obliterate nature and overcome local resistance, just the way Trump’s bullying tactics squelched opposition in the Republican primary and defeated a far superior candidate in November.

Don’t mourn, learn!

You can actually watch the movie online at Putlocker, easy and free.

As one of the locals says in the film: “Too much money makes your head go funny.”

And: “I don’t approve of bullying.”

Poster for the film and stills from the film:




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