‘Malignant narcisissm’: Donald Trump displays classic traits of mental illness, claim psychologists

Rachel Hosie, The Independent, 2/1/17

More and more mental health experts are sharing their diagnoses to warn the public

Hillary Clinton claimed Trump was “temperamentally unfit” to be President, and in recent months many people the world over have reached the same conclusion.

Clinton was, of course, Trump’s political opponent, but some psychologists have now started questioning his state of mind.

Until recently, psychologists weren’t allowed to assess public figures and talk to journalists about their findings. But this rule is now being cast aside and mental health experts are speaking out about Trump.

In a bid to warn the public, psychologists are publishing their diagnoses of Trump. Most recently, John D. Gartner said Trump “is dangerously mentally ill and temperamentally incapable of being president.”

Why psychiatrists are speaking out about Donald Trump’s mental health

He believes Trump shows signs of “malignant narcissism,” which is defined as a mix of narcissism, antisocial personality disorder, aggression and sadism in Campbells’ Psychiatric Dictionary….

read more, including video of Trump displaying his narcissistic symptoms, at The Independent

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